November 2013 Forum Report

  1. 18 Groups / Agencies and Parents Represented (30 People)
  2. Patrick Smeraldo Presented a Short Report of the July 2013 Forum
  3. A group discussion was held on the following topics:
    • Electronic Sharing Tool – Patrick Smeraldo will develop a tool that will allow all coalition members the ability to share information with each other.
    • State Conference Calls – Jackie Jones from the Children’s Infancy Leadership Cirlce reported on State conference calls that will occur after January 1, 2014. All whoare interested may attend (more details to follow)
    • Health Foundation for Central and Western New York – A meeting will be held December 11, 2013 for all coalition members to discuss the possibility of the Health Foundation assisting the Chautauqua Connections Children’s Coalition with ending gaps in service in Chautauqua County
  4. All coalition members divided into 4 strategic work gorups to targets and goals for 2014
  5. November 2013 LEICC meeting was held at the conclusion of the forum

Next Forum to be held Spring of 2014

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